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Dadi is an international comprehensive education company, established in Taiwan in 1986 and developing in mainland China since 1993. We now have two bases, one headquartered in Zhuhai, China, a beautiful coastal city, and another headquartered in Clark, Philippines, a promising city.
Focusing on education for more than 30 years, Dadi has rich experience in the education field. Our Business includes chain kindergartens, preschool education resources and services, English education for children, etc., covering various regions worldwide, including China, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe.
We now offer opportunities in all fields of work for people at all stages of their careers, from experienced professionals and researchers to recent graduates. Welcome to join us!








Cultivate the Holistic Children with International Vision
Synchronize with Worldwide Level to Cultivate Global-oriented Students

USA Inside--Two APPs

from a unicorn Company:Age of learning

Personalizing learning with an equity lens puts children at the center of a supportive learning environment that we call the Personalized Mastery Learning Ecosystem™ (PMLE™). The result is a focused collaboration of students, teachers, administrators, and families that creates powerful and effective learning experiences to keep students on track for success.

Guided Learning Mode

A new-era English learning model in which students manage their own learning and the teacher plays the role of a coach to guide students to use the ABCmouse APP for a long enough time, then provide an oral practice environment to help children acquire English.

Coach the World

“Dadi-coach” refers to a group of people who work with Dadi to conduct English education business. Dadi-coach is to coach children to acquire solid basic English knowledge, excellent English reading ability first, and then use English to learn more subject knowledge. Thus, Dadi-coach is not only a coach but also a companion and mentor for learners.

Three Key English Education Projects

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